Short/Mid-Term Rentals


Vacation Rentals

Our program for short & mid-term rentals -including vacation rentals – is based on 30% of the reservation amount made. We can work with the prices presented by you or find together the best price solution to be established.
Monthly Payments
Monthly payments are made by bank transfer in the first 15 days of each month.
Acess to calendar
Hosts have access to their calendar availability.
Monthly Reports
Creation of detailed results report.

A channel manager will help you make the most of your property by promoting it on leading booking channels.

Channel Integration And Management Made Easy For Vacation Rental Owners

Your property will be listed on multiple short/mid-term property and vacation rental websites, including Airbnb,, TripAdvisor, VRBO, and Warmrental to help you increase exposure, bookings, and revenue. But don’t worry. Our team is responsible for the channel integration and management.

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