Mid-Term Rentals

Terms & Conditions

1. The Client expressly acknowledges that the leased premises are equipped with furniture and household appliances, and the Client is obliged to keep them properly and use them with normal prudence, and must deliver them at the end of the agreement to the Owner, in the same conditions in which they received.
A) The Owner leases it to the Client through a monthly rent previously established by e-mail / on-line booking;
B) Owner includes in the monthly rent an amount of EUR 100 (one hundred euros) of utilities (water, gas and electricity). If the Client passes that amount, the Owner has the right to request the difference upon presentation of bills.
2. Security Deposit.
A) The Client hands over to the Owner the amount corresponded to security deposit previously established by email / online booking;
B) The deposit is intended to guarantee the payment of any damages or expenses that the Owner may incur at the end of this agreement, resulting from an imprudent use of the leased premises by the Client.
3. Property Use.
A) The property is intended exclusively for the Client dwelling and cannot be used for any other purpose.
B) It is forbidden to sublease or assign in any other way.
C) The Client is obliged to comply with the regulations of the condominium of the building where the leased premises are located.
4. The Client may not oppose that the Owner or whoever represents him, inspect the property, as long as they are in the leased premises, and as long as the inspection is carried out at a previously agreed time.
5. If the Client wants to cancel the stay before the lease period specified in this agreement, a penalty will be applied considering the following amounts:
• Last rent paid in advance
• Security Deposit.
All Parties accept this Agreement under the terms set forth herein.

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